One Man’s Vision…

In 1917, a young man named Punja Kara left India, bound for Fiji with a lot of ambition and a vision. Settling in a small town named Cuvu near Sigatoka; Punja Kara began his incredible journey opening his first village store. It was here that Punja Kara laid the foundation for the Punja & Sons. He provided customers with the widest choice of products and delivered them with his firm assurance of quality. With dedication and sheer determination to succeed, Punja Kara’s business grew at a remarkable rate.


His dream of the future led him to venture into the wholesale, trading, marketing and distribution of quality essential consumer products. Overtime Punja Kara ventured into producing his own high quality goods in Fiji. To a socially conscious Punja Kara, this was an important step as it would lead to the creation of many jobs for locals.


His legacy lives on in Punja & Sons Limited. Today the Punjas brand is a diverse and expanding enterprise encompassing: manufacturing, processing, packaging, distribution, imports and exports. Not only servicing Fiji, Punja & Sons exports to the South Pacific Islands Region.


Through extensive market research and the drive to bring new and exciting quality products to its customers, the Punjas portfolio of Fiji Made Products, including flour, wraps, soap, and coconut products continues to grow. A living vision conceived almost a century ago.